This renovation and addition project completely transformed a 1400 square- foot, split- level ranch type house into a modern, 3500 square- foot Nantucket style residence. On this tight lot in a dense coastal town, local zoning restrictions limited additional footprint changes. In all, improvements added only a modest 300 square feet of conditioned space to the original plan. By adding a floor level, creating a very steep pitched roof line, raising the ceiling heights and adding floor to ceiling windows in certain rooms, the interiors took on a much more open feeling making it seem far larger. Exterior walls, chimneys, interior bearing walls and plumbing locations were preserved in order to conserve resources, reduce construction waste and keep the costs down. The project included all new energy efficient windows and doors, high performance insulation, factory- stained cedar shingle siding (to eliminate onsite painting and increase the warranty),extensive day-lighting strategies, larger overhangs for shading, and natural wood and stainless steel materials throughout. Instead of tearing this house down, every square inch of existing space was maximized and every available structural component was utilized. This is a great example of how an existing home can be modernized to meet current design standards and performance requirements while still preserving a compact footprint.