After Hurricane Sandy caved in the basement walls and flooded the first floor, the house on this tiny beach side lot was condemned and the owner had to move fast for FEMA financing to occur. Because Sellars Lathrop Architects had completed an extensive renovation of the owner’s previous residence they were quick to understand the owner’s need for a super efficient, economical, no maintenance and modest 2400 sf ,4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath new house.

To meet the owner’s energy goals and to curtail any lengthy site construction the owner agreed to pursue a factory built, panelized type construction. SLA designed a very simple farmhouse style structure, raised above the required flood elevation, that would easily blend with the neighborhood and then called on Bensonwood, a premier builder of factory built homes that caters to energy performance, green materials and rigorous building science.

Bensonwood fabricated the exterior shell of the house in their New Hampshire factory and trucked the 2 1/2 story structure, complete with windows, to the site . Once there, it was hoisted by crane, set in place, bolted together and in three days completely assembled. A local contractor then coordinated a team of people to complete the interior and exterior materials and finishes. This collaborative teamwork helped the owner achieve her goals by creating a beautiful, sustainable and FEMA compliant home . This residence is Energy Star qualified with a HERS score of 47.